About Building Bridges

The programme

The Building Bridges programme is set of twelve targeted interventions which aim to incentivise, inform and equip Investor Relations and CSR managers to communicate their sustainability exposures and activities more effectively to investors and analysts.

The programme will provide, to companies globally, a framework and tools that enable them to double the effectiveness of their sustainable investor communications while halving the time that this takes.

The programme of support available to companies can be downloaded from here: Schedule of Support for Sustainable Investor Relations

Thesis of change

Current status

Capital markets are seeing a step-change in investor interest in sustainability.

However, the research and communications practices that support this growing investment strategy are not well-advanced and do not effectively leverage existing 'mainstream' investor relations practice.

As a result, both investors and companies find themselves frustrated by the experience.  This places unnecessary limitations on the way that sustainability issues are incorporated into investment decision-making and corporate practice.


The Building Bridges programme will 'prime the pump' by funding some best practice direct communications on sustainability between proactive companies and investors.

Desired status

The programme's objective is to contribute towards the creation of a virtuous circle within capital markets whereby sustainability communications drive capital allocation which incentivises further communication and thereby establish the conditions for compound growth in high-quality sustainability communications to investors in ensuing years.

Prioritising the 'food and fibre' value chain

SRI-Connect is encouraged to focus any limited (subsidized) resources on companies with exposure to the food and fibre value chains to support - where possible - the Moore Foundation's objectives around tropical deforestation and marine depletion.

Other companies are encouraged to use all freely-available resources but also invited to apply for the limited (subsidized) ones as some discretion is allowed in how these are allocated.

Programme support

This publication forms part of the Building Bridges programme which has been commissioned and is directed by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development's (WBCSD´s) Redefining Value programme.

This work was funded by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation's Conservation and Markets Initiative. For more information, please visit www.moore.org.